Gateway Kintore petition tops 600

The petition to Aberdeenshire Council calling on them to bring forward the Gateway Kintore proposal for determination by the councillors, has clocked up 600 signatures in support.

Building work
Between 1,000 and 1,200 more homes are planned for Kintore, which already has about one-third of the population of Inverurie

There have been comments that the Gateway Kintore development is not in the local plan. That is precisely why this petition was started.

Kintore and District Community Council wrote to Aberdeenshire Council and asked that this site be included during the local plan review process. This request was refused, leaving the community council with few options, other than to protest this decision.

The response to the petition makes it clear that there is broad support within Kintore – and, indeed, from neighbouring Garioch communities – for the kind of facilities being proposed by Gateway Kintore. There is also widespread concern that, without Gateway Kintore, the direct access to Kintore from Aberdeen on the A96 will be lost.

With proposals for 1,000-1,200 new homes to be built in Kintore, the need for facilities and an improved junction become even more pressing. (You can download the plans for the Kintore East expansion here - PDF 6.5MB)

Surely, such a huge expansion of our community requires a “joined up” approach with Gateway Kintore providing:
  • Facilities needed for such expansion.
  • Improved access.
  • Direct linkage for A96 traffic from Aberdeen, by an improved Broomhill roundabout.

If you have not yet signed the petition:

Here’s some of the recent comments from the petition:

"This would be great for Kemnay and surrounding areas. There is a serious lack of facilities at the moment."

“These facilities are badly needed as the number of new housing in the area demands better facilities for all concerned."

"Sounds like a brilliant plan”

"It will be good for the community and for the kids also."

"Be very good for the Kemnay,Kintore and Inverurie areas"

"It will be good for the community and for the kids also."

"Kintore and the surrounding area desperately need additional facilities and amenities. I would greatly welcome the additional businesses and renewed interest in the community of Kintore."

"I think Kintore also needs to be developed with facilities like supermarkets & fuel station."

"This will be a great benefit for for the local communities"

"good for community and local villiages and good for more jobs"

"Absolutely necessary for Kintore."

"This is sorely needed it would be fantastic to have this for our local community."

"these kind of facilities have been needed in kintore for a very long time."

"Great for the area"

"living in Blackburn for almost five years and since having one child and another due in the summer, I feel it would be very useful to have more amenities on our doorstep and only having to travel a short distance to get there. Blackburn, like Kintore is a growing community and we are desperate for for more shopping outlets and facilities closer to our homes."

"A brilliant idea-the sooner the better.What about re-opening the railway station?"

"With the population of Kintore having expanded so much in the last 10 years, surely serious consideration needs to be given to a train station in the village."

"A must for the area. The shopping facilities in particular are much needed. It is disgraceful that infra structure has not been considered earlier"

"This is requiered now the village has next to no services and an ever expanding population This brings not only employment but reverses the stagnation of recent years lack of development."


"I think its about time that there were more facilities available considering the amount of new housing that has been built there."

"Couldn't agree more that this is needed!"

"It would benefit the community a lot, lets face it, Kintore is growing, but the amount of public facilities is slowy decreasing!"

"A great opportunity for Kintore....much needed...."

"Gateway Kintore is exactly what our community needs to enhance existing facilities which are no longer suitable for the size of the town"

"Like the Gateway Kintore proposal, but a train station must also be considered as a crucial part of the town's development"

"long overdue"

"This facility would make a huge difference to the lives of Kintorians. I am all for it!"

"kintore needs more facilities for the growing community"

"The community as a whole would benefit greatly from gatewaykintore,providing a lot of jobs for those who have been out of work for any length of time.."

"I would be more than happy to add my name to the petition as the facilities in Kintore now are lacking and I feel that more amenities, like a supermarket, petrol station, hotel and leisure complex is sorely needed”

"Would be great for all employment and growth"

"It is difficult to understand why a community. the size of Kintore does not already have the facilities suggested in the Gateway Kintore project. These facilities are badly needed in our fast growing community."

"Kintore is overdue commercial development to support the community. Travelling miles for groceries for example for literally 'thousands' of people is far from ideal."

"We need this badly. It would be a big boost too Kintore."

"The area definitely needs closer facilities, especially a supermarket"

"i think that the gateway kintore is a great idea,it would be perfect for the community and would create much needed jobs."

"I have lived in Kintore most of my life and this new idea would benefit the town greatly Happy"

"Kintore need this kind of development as there are no facilities for the community and the town is rapidly expanding...."

"Kintore is choking on too many homes without sufficient facilities to promote growth, Kintore has a strong and proud community and we want people to come and become part of it, not just use it as a place to park their car."

"We really need the facilities for the community, there is a lack of support for all sectors."

"Would be great for the area to have more facilities for the ever growing community."

"This is what we want and need."

"I am deighted at the prospect of new faciities at Kintore. I am disabled and will have less distance to travel to shop and eat. Kintore has Very few faciities for its size."

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