Demand grows for Gateway Kintore green light

Demand for the facilities proposed by Gateway Kintore continues to grow with signatures topping 400 in less than a fortnight since the petition was launched.

Gateway Kintore proposes a supermarket, filling station, restaurants, hotel, business units, plus leisure and sports facilities, along with an upgraded Broomhill Roundabout to retain direct access to Kintore for Aberdeen traffic on the A96.

These are some of the most recent comments posted on the petition:

"We really need the facilities for the community, there is a lack of support for all sectors."

"Would be great for the area to have more facilities for the ever growing community."

"This is what we want and need."


"I am delighted at the prospect of new faciities at Kintore. I am disabled and will have less distance to travel to shop and eat. Kintore has Very few faciities for its size."

"This is a much needed development for Kintore."

"We need these facilities sooner rather than later"

"this is a much needed development in kintore."

"would be great"

"The facilities and amenities proposed are very much long overdue for a ever increasing community such as Kintore. The sooner a decision is made accepting this proposal the better it will be for the area."

"I feel due to the rapid expansion of Kintore and surrounding area, this development would be of huge bennefit to the local community."

"I work in Midmill Business Park in Kintore and this would be fantastic, exactly what Kintore needs."

"Its about time !!!!!"

"about time too"

"We need this development for the community. This has been lacking for years due to the expansion of Kintore."

"When are our councillors going to acknowledge that Kintore needs more infrastructure and these facilities are badly needed now."

"These facilities are sorely needed in what is a vibrant, growing community."

"The village is in need of essential facilities due to the large volume of housing."

"Kintore needs to keep pace with nearby towns to create its own sense of community and to provide local residents with much needed facilities."

"Good idea Kintore needs more facilities"

"Kintore is sadly lacking in local facilities."


"This is a great proposal. Kintore and the surrounding environ needs these facilities."

"Additional facilites are much needed in the local area. This would also be a great opportunity to increase local employment."

"Kintore is an up and coming village and we need these facilities in the area as they are not availlable at the moment."

"Much needed facilities"

Gateway Kintore

"I have lived in Kintore for 4 years now and feel we are in desperate need of these facilities. There are many young families here and have heard of mums who cant find child care in the area. We all have to travel to Aberdeen or Inverurie (which is already very busy) for sports centres. We need these facilities now."

"Kintore is drastically short of facilities and a large supermarket and petrol station is sorely needed."

"I've lived in Kintore almost 2 years and find it absolutely ridiculous that there is only one shop and no petrol station or any sort of facilities for such a large town."

"The benefits to Kintore and the surrounding area of this development will be massive, I am hopeful that this development will go ahead."

"Kintore is drastically short of facilities and a large supermarket and petrol station is sorely needed."

"I fully support the quest for all of the facilities named plus I would be fully supportive in a further appeal for a health centre and medical practise!!"

"I believe this would benefit Kintore and bring customers to the village, thus helping the current local shops."

"A town growing at the rate Kintore is definitely needs these facilities, and quickly."

"much needed, not everybody can get to inveruie."

"Absolutley get after it been a long time coming. Good luck with the petition Eric"

"More facilitates are needed it is irresponsible of the council to continue to allow houses to be build but no facilities for the community. This is when youths misbehave as they have nothing to do."


"This is a great idea for the development of near communities!!!"

"this development will enhance the facilities that Kintore has to offer."

"Good effort - these things are sorely needed. Larger school required too!"

"Great idea!"

"A must need for Kintore, looking forward to the new facilities being made available."

"These facilities are very much needed. Both Kemnay and Kintore have tripled in size over the last few years. Inverurie cannot take much pressure it has had put on it's facilities due to expanding population."

"This would be good for the whole area."

"Kintore desperately require much more resources to meet the needs of the many families that live in the area."

"My husband and I are actually considering moving away from Kintore and Aberdeenshire. We are looking at Montrose and communting to Aberdeen for work. Kintore is very behind the times. We have been here seven years and there has been no forward thinking or planning - nothing has changed. There is a poor bus services which has been cut and there is no train service we have to pick our children up from the train station in Inverure-very annoying! We have one shop.”

"Would be good to see another supermarket in this area"

"Really need a good gym in this area !"

"Much needed facilities for this area"

"The whole development would be great for the local community, providing much needed facilities to Kintore. There is a lack of job opportunities for the teenagers in the area, therefore this will provide employment not only for them but for anyone else who wishes to apply."

"Please please please get this much needed development started. There has been so much growth in Kintore during the last few years but nothing done to add to the facilities infra-structure."

"we badly need this in kintore as it is a growing place"

"we badly need this in kintore as there is nothing at the moment, kintore is growing all the time”

"Gets our backing."

"Strongly agree with these plans."

You can't keep allowing houses to be built without facilities to accompany them...much needed in this area."

"this type of development is badly needed here"

"This better be done!!"

"A supermarket and filling station are really needed for a town the size of Kintore. The additional benefit is the upgrade of the roundabout to maintain direct access to Kintore."

"Long overdue....keep business in the traveling to city to shop..more jobs in local area."

"This is a very good idea and should go ahead."

"Kintore is desperate for a supermarket and filling station as travelling to Inverurie is very time consuming and I don't have car all the time and would find it easier if we had supermarket we could walk to."

"Kintore is growing fast we need upgrading on all bases , look what it has done for west hill."

"Glad to hear that something like this is happening in this area. Here's hoping for a successful outcome !!"

thumbs up

"With a population of over 3,000 and a further 1,000 to 1,200 homes proposed Kintore needs better facilities. I cannot understand the reticence of Aberdeenshire Council to let this proposal be determined – especially as it has a double benefit, namely facilities AND retaining the access into Kintore from Aberdeen."

"Urgently Needed!"

"This is much needed!!!"

"Kintore is pretty much what Westhill was like 20 years ago. We currently live & both grew up in Westhill but are looking into moving out to Kintore - this area really does need the facilities."

"This is much needed in kintore. As the facilities we have is not enough for the increasing population. And the coop is a joke

i was born and bred in kintore and i am the 3rd generation of my family, unfortunatly and with great sadness i had to move out of the area due to the lack of facilities for our growing young family, after long concideration we decided to move to westhill as there is far greater facilities to support my family , the gateway kintore should have been erected the same time as the new housing development at kintore, if it had my family would still be staying there"

"We need the lot!!!!!!!!!!"

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