Bronze Age house excavation at Balbithan

A team from Headland Archaeology is currently excavating a Bronze Age house in Balbithan Forest, near Kintore and visitors are welcome.

Bronze Age Hut Balbithan

The trench across the site has revealed the walls of the hut, which was probably two storey, with a floor under the thatched roof. In the centre of the floor the team has found a hearth. Like the traditional Highland black houses, this fire would have been used for cooking and heating and the smoke would have simply permeated through the thatch, rather than having a chimney,

Bronze Age Hut Balbithan

During our visit to the site there was some excitement as the team found a worked piece of worked flint.

Working on the site are volunteers from Europe and the United States. The dig will continue until this Thursday (August 25) from 10 am to 4 pm and visitors are welcome.

Bronze Age Hut Balbithan

There are a number of hut circles already marked on the Ordnance Survey map of the forest. Also, nearby, on Kintore Golf Course, is a Bronze Age burial Cairn.

The Bronze Age in Britain spend from about 2,500 to 800 BC.

  • To get to the site head up Balbithan past Kintore Golf Club. At the junction turn right along the Lang Stracht. Park at the first forest entrance on the right. Walk a short distance in and you will see the team working on the right hand side of the forest road.
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