How about regenerating our town centre?

The latest in the regular flow of news from North East Conservative MSP, Nanette Milne says that she is welcoming the opening of applications to the Town Centre Regeneration Fund.

I can think of no better candidate than the town centre of Kintore. We have here a magnificent 18th century town house in the middle of a town centre that could do with a wee bit of a tidy up.

So, how about a small slice of the £60 million Town Centre Regeneration Fund coming to a town which has seen precious little investment, while it has borne the strain as one of the fastest growing towns in the country?

Kintore Town House

More could be made of our historic town centre.

The Town House currently sits on an island of decidedly tatty tarmac. It would take only a tiny amount of the £60 million to lay the area out in granite cobble stones.

As long as there was still access to deliver the excellent meat to J&G Dossett and the beer to the Kintore Arms, why not extend that cobbled area right across to Dossetts and pedestrianise the area – after all there is a perfectly suitable road at the back of the Town House and parking behind to the west of it.

As Nanette Milne says: “It is vital for the future of town centres across Aberdeenshire that we do everything we can to maintain viable small businesses and promote local town centres as vibrant and prosperous parts to our economy."

So, how about it? Anyone else out there keen to see Kintore town centre regenerated?

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