How to access Kintore from Aberdeen on proposed Broomhill junction

The public exhibition for the proposed Kintore East expansion of Kintore has put the focus on the proposed new junction to replace the Broomhill Roundabout on the A96.

As the A96 is a trunk road the authority responsible for this plan is Transport Scotland, the Scottish Government transport agency.

As the plan stands, traffic from Aberdeen wanting to enter Kintore would leave a revised Broomhill junction and be diverted onto a new road across the fields at Womblehill to the B994.

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From there, if you want to go to the Craigearn or Midmill business parks, or the proposed south entrance to Kintore East, you would have to double back on yourself, along the B944, to Sandy Thain.

If you were heading to the centre of Kintore (or the proposed new entrance to Kintore East you would have to enter the village by the B977 at Gauchhill to the Torryburn Hotel where you would rejoin the current main road.

Broomhill junction lg

The drawing of the new Broomhill junction, showing direct access only to and from the southbound carriageway.

Seems crazy doesn’t it? And, if we don’t do something about it now, we will:

  • All be stuck in traffic at the B994/B977 roundabout.
  • Suffer heavy traffic and artics taking a convoluted route around town.\
  • And Womblehill Farm, which is renowned for its quality produce, will lose a large chunk of its prime agricultural land.

If you want to express your objection to this proposal, write to our MSPs Alex Salmond, Richard Baker, Nigel Don, Marlyn Glen, Alex Johnstone, Alison McInnes, Nanette Milne, or Maureen Watt. (Or you can contact Nanette Milne and Alex Johnstone via their office in Northern Road in the Centre of Kintore.)
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