Action Kintore sets sights on youth cafe

At the Kintore Community Council meeting on Wednesday, June 13, council members agreed to support the concept of a Youth Cafe, in addition to a carpark (which was their original preferred option) on the site previously occupied by the Library.

Somewhere to 'hang out' with friends was one of the main requests in a survey of Kintore youngsters conducted by the community council and it also cropped up as one of the main themes at the following Action Kintore public meeting. The Action Kintore sub-group had previously heard about options ranging from "youth shelters" (which were described as being similar to bus shelters) through to portable buildings.

The portable building option was seen as best with the former library site being the possible location.

"The only caveat was that, whilst supporting the Youth Cafe and Car park option, they feel there should be a survey of the site carried out, to fully ascertain if there could be better use made of it, for the benefit of Kintore," explains Kenny Thomson, of the Action Kintore sub group.

This view will be now conveyed to Aberdeenshire Council's area manager.

"This support of the Youth Cafe by the Community Council is a major step forward, in terms of trying to assist our young people to acquire youth facilities," Kenny continues. "It is hoped that Kintore Youth Forum will receive positive direction from Aberdeenshire Council and decide to proceed with a Temporary Planning Application."

The suggestion was that the café could be located in a portable building and, immediately following the meeting there was word that a possible suitable building had been found, along with the transport to put it on site. However, there are a considerable number of hurdles still to be overcome relating to planning approval, drainage and power connections and staffing.

"All in all, things are getting exciting," Kenny concluded.
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