Minutes of Kintore Youth Forum

Attendees Kenny, Joan, Brian, Kevin, Isabel. Drew, Jill Sowden, Liz (CLW),) George Niblock of The Environmental Forum.

Apologies PC Darren Cochrane, Elaine, Rhonda, Peter

Kenny welcomed all to the meeting and had received apologies from above list of names.
Brian introduced Mr George Niblock who was going to oversee the Landfill Community Fund application (see separate sheet with notes.). He is also involved with ALI and would like to see more members in Kintore.

The minutes of the 1st of April 09 was passed as correct, proposed by Isabel seconded by Kenny.

1. Regarding our bank account, Drew said that the Clydesdale Bank requires a letter from Solicitors confirming our status because we have no Company Secretary.

2. Charitable status Kenny was sending an email to Linze as to what the progress is.

3. Kenny is arranging a visit to The Beacon at Bucksburn to find out about the vandalism and crime they endured, and what remedies they came up with. Also still in talks with residents regarding site for the Youth Facility, Kenny still corresponding and talking to residents. No meeting took place with Ian Fowells following on from dialogue with the resident’s representative.

4. Kenny and Brian to arrange a meeting with Steven Laing to get a copy of plans and an estimated quote for the build. A second quote from an other builder is required to satisfy our funding applications to outside bodies.

5. Sponsorship for the Larig Ghru walk is going well with about 25 volunteers.
Kintore Youth Forum have started planning flyers, Joan has spoken again to Elizabeth Lovie about using the Village Hall the available dates 30/5 6,20,27/6 Isabel still waiting to hear about Christian Aid. Youth Forum said would be happy to wear T shirts with the Bothie logo on them for promotion purposes and Kintore Youth Forum plan to contact a few companies for prices. Brian gave an overview of the different types of funds where community groups can apply to. (Government & Councils, Trust funds, Philanthropic funds set up by business men i.e. Ian Wood, Brian has applied to the Glens of Foudland windfarm trust. Brian has also said an independent referee would be beneficial for the Peoples Million application.

6.Liz has updated the Business plan (Profit and Loss) this was received by Action Kintore as a better reflection of costs and income, Liz was going to email this to Steven as he has the master copy.

A litter bin for Howieslap is being progressed by Councillor Cullinane, some of the Youth groups are clearing up the pitch after use.
Still to do. Health & Safety, risk management, duty of care and due diligence to be included and followed. Contract for Build, also Management and the running of the of the youth facility (hire of the premises by outside groups, i.e. taking booking, times of openings, accepting and banking of monies).

8. Publicity, Gillian would have the job of dealing with the media, Isabel said there was 3 young people from Kintore Youth Forum who were keen to help with this.

9. It was felt that another public meeting to promote and fundraise at he same time be planned after we receive planning permission/building warrant.

10. Date of next meeting 13 May 09 at 7.00pm in Room 111 Kintore CLD

Brian welcomed George Niblock from the Environmental forum, his knowledge and background is from his past employment with Aberdeenshire Council in waste management, Health and Safety.
George is going to progress our application for the Landfill Community fund.
The environmental forum has helped various organisations to make bids for this money, Finzean Graveyard, Rothienorman Community Hall etc.
The forum take 3% of grant for all the work and help that they give in applying for this fund. (£10,000, only 90% is payable from fund £9,000- £300.00 Action Kintore would receive £8,700 ) A third party has to give £1000 to make it up to £9,700.
George also mentioned points to note:
Facilitate Objectives, map of area, no environmental policy as yet, once we have one the Management of Environmental policy. litter, what title on application to Aberdeenshire Council Planning and if it is full planning permission we have gone for. Building Warrant can come at a later stage. (Bill of Quantities)
They are many stages to go through
1. Entrust register project.
2. Value for money they would be looking for two competitive quotes for building the facility. The involvement of Action Kintore committee must be above board and show that there is a transparency and no conflict of interest.
3. Show professional advice that has been sought at all stages
4. Structure to our project especially our budget
5. Breakdown of costs £ Construction fees and commission, value of labour, Professional costs. i.e. Build £100,000, Voluntary Labour £50,000, Professional costs £20,000
6. Indicate where other funding has come from what type of bodies that we go to for funding.
7. Implementation: We have to provide receipts and only get this money once we have spent on build. No money can be given until we have planning permission
8. Audit of Entrust can be followed by an audit of individual project.
Action Kintore must have a proper set of books and accounts with receipts.
Know who to go to help our case for funding, use contacts.

All monies is held by a company in Glasgow called Score Environment
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