As nights draw in broadband woes increase

As the autumn chill takes over from last week’s Indian summer, more people are turning to the internet for their evening entertainment and that, in turn, means that Kintore’s broadband infrastructure comes under greater strain.

The bad news is that, unless we can persuade BT to improve that infrastructure, speeds will presumably get worse as the winter sets in.


Kintore has been the fastest growing town in Scotland over recent years and its seems pretty clear that broadband infrastructure is now unable cope with the number of homes currently in Kintore – let alone further expansion.

Think of the wires supplying broadband to your home, like a water pipe. If the pipe supplying Kintore is not big enough and we all turn on our taps at the same time, the water will slow to a trickle. It seems pretty clear that is exactly what is happening with broadband.

As far as I am aware, regardless of who actually puts their name on your broadband bill, currently in KIntore it is BT that provides the network. So it is they that have to be persuaded that something must be done.

As a town where many people travel to work in Aberdeen, broadband speeds during the day hold up quite well. It is from around 6pm onwards that the network grinds to a crawl. Daytime speeds of between four and six megabytes often drop to a tenth of that and lower.

At speeds of 600 kbps, or less, using BBC iPlayer or watching video becomes impossible and even basic websites take an age to load.

How do we get things to improve? By letting BT (directly or through your ISP), know that they are not delivering the service and the speeds you expect. Also tell our MSPs and MP.

The more people whom complain about the poor broadband in Kintore, the better chance that BT will see the need to upgrade the connection into Kintore.
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