Carbon capture pipeline plan dropped

The proposed National Grid pipeline for the carbon capture and storage project will not now go ahead following a decision by the Department of Energy and Climate Change not to go ahead with the construction.

The plan was to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from Longannet power station in Kincardine, Fife and transport it through a pipeline passing KIntore, to St. Fergus in Aberdeenshire for transportation offshore to permanent storage in a depleted gas field.

“The members of the ScottishPower CCS Consortium (ScottishPower, National Grid and Shell) have successfully completed the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study as part of the competition and have submitted their findings to DECC,” explains Mike Jordin, principal design engineer at the National Grid. “This valuable research will now be shared with CCS competitions 2-4.

“DECC’s decision not to continue to the construction stage on the competition, means National Grid will not go ahead with its plans to build a new carbon dioxide pipeline from the ScottishPower Longannet Power station, to its existing pipeline near Dunipace.

“All works associated with changing the use of the natural gas pipeline to a carbon dioxide pipeline will no longer go ahead for this project. The block valves along the existing route to St Fergus and the proposed new above ground installation (AGI) near Longannet, Dunipace and Kintore as well as a CCS compressor station adjacent to St Fergus natural gas terminal will not be built.

“National Grid’s carbon team have worked hard over the past four years on the research and development of transporting carbon dioxide as part of the CCS project. Although disappointed that this project will not be going ahead, they will apply the invested knowledge and experience to other CCS projects they are involved in throughout the UK.

“National Grid remains committed to CCS as part of the solution to reduce carbon emissions and help prevent climate change.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your involvement to date and hope that you similarly will support future projects, so we can move CCS solutions forwards.”
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