Supermarket and filling station plans

We now have copies of the plans for the proposed development at Broomhill Roundabout that would incorporate a supermarket, filling station, hotel, restaurant, sports facilities and offices.

The land, where this development is proposed, extends to 13 hectares to the east and south of the Broomhill Roundabout, south of Denhead and on the land at Coolgardie and Boghead Croft.

Kintore development plan
Click on the map to see it in the largest size we have (sorry, it is still a bit small).

Under ‘Accommodation Schedule’ the plan shows:
1 Food Retail 44,500 sq ft
2 Petrol Filling Station
3 Restaurant 1,500 sq ft
4 Restaurant 1,500 sq ft
5 Hotel 100 bed
6 Office 30,000 sq ft
7 Office 20,000 sq ft
8 Office 20,000 sq ft
9 Office 20,000 sq ft
10 Office 15,000 sq ft
11 The Hub 3767 sq ft
12 Nursery/After School Club 5382 sq ft
13 Children’s Soft Play Centre 3,223 sq ft
14 Sports Pavilion 3,223 sq ft

The architects, Halliday Fraser Munro, say:

“To attract investment from occupiers of these facilities, sites must be located where they can be easily seen and easily accessed. Kintore South provides a unique location for this type of development directly adjacent to the A96 trunk road and therefore provides a real opportunity to deliver the types of uses proposed.

“The location of a supermarket on a trunk road frontage will attract investment into the town and encourage potential occupiers to the high quality office space. This will also complement the presence of childcare facilities and after-school clubs, by locating these facilities next to areas of employment.

“Given that the adjacent land is allocated for housing and industrial development, this proposal offers the opportunity for alternative land uses, which will provide a range of facilities for existing and future residents in Kintore and the wider area.”

The plan also resolves the issue of access to Kintore from the northbound carriageway of the A96. Under plans by Aberdeenshire Council, there would be no right turn into Kintore. Instead a link road is proposed across Womblehill farm, requiring traffic for Kintore to head in and join the Kemnay road before heading back to the business park, or the new Kintore South complex. (See plan below.)

Proposed Kintore link road
The Kintore South proposal is to redevelop the Broomhill Roundabout as shown below, retaining the direct access to Kintore from the northbound carriageway and doing away with the need for a link road across Womblehill. Halliday Fraser Munro say this “allows for direct HGV access into Midmill Industrial Estate, rather than a convoluted access through the town. They calculate it will save 1,000,000 car kilometres per year.

Kintore South proposed junction
You can download and complete a form to give your comments on the proposal.

Halliday Fraser Munro say they will now:
  • Collate and review the comments received following the publication of these plans.
  • Review and amend the proposal in the light of the comments and suggestions received.
  • Then, prepare and submit a planning application to Aberdeenshire Council.
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