Please be a good neighbour during the freeze

A couple of times in the winters after we arrived in Kintore, some kind soul took a snowplough up the road to our house. Despite our best efforts, we never could find out who it was who did it, so we could thank them. But it was typical of the kind-hearted community we live in. So, during the current freeze, let’s continue our support for others.

Please do your bit to keep our community safe during this current freeze. Think of others and help keep our community healthy and vibrant during this bitterly cold weather.

elderly woman
Have you got elderly neighbours? Are they OK? Is their house warm enough?

If you are going to the shops, ask them if they would like you to pick up a few things for them. We’ve all seen how difficult it is to walk, or drive, in the past five days. For the elderly it can be a frightening prospect.

Providing you are fit enough yourself, please be a good community member and clear the snow on the pavement outside your home and, if you are up to it, for any less able neighbours.

Let’s prove Kintore is a real community and look after each other.

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