Carbon capture and storage at Kintore

The National Grid is looking at the possibility of building a new above ground installation at Fordtown, between Kintore and Leylodge, as part of a carbon capture and storage project.

The site would be connected to an existing pipeline and the National Grid say the scheme is ‘in the early development stage”, but that they are “keen to inform local communities of the Government’s plans to CCS (carbon capture and storage) technology and what the project may entail”.

Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is a ‘greenhouse gas’

The project involves transporting carbon captured from Longannet power station along a pipeline to St Fergus, where it would be sent offshore to be stored in a depleted gas field.

Carbon dioxide is a ‘greenhouse gas’ which is a major contributor to global warming. The idea is to capture this carbon dioxide rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.

An information day is taking place in the Kintore Public Hall on Thursday, November 25 from 2pm to 8pm. National Grid will have experts at the event to answer questions and talk about the works that could be involved in the area.
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