Replacement junction for Broomhill roundabout

The idea of replacing the Broomhill roundabout on the A96 sounds a good one. It has been the site of a number of nasty accidents over the years.

However, having seen the plans attached to the latest minutes of Kintore and District Community Council, leaves me puzzled.

I’m not sure I follow the plan, but it appears to be half of a flyover ... but, without the actual flying!

The plan seems to be to provide slip roads on the southbound carriageway to a new roundabout.

But, on the northbound carriageway there appears to be no direct access to Kintore. So, if you’re heading out from Aberdeen, and you want to turn right into Kintore, you won’t be able to do so.

Instead the KDCC minutes say would “have to use a new link road towards the Kemnay Road near Gaughhill (sic) to access Kintore”.

I’m trying to work out where this link road goes. But, all the diagram below (click on it for an enlargement) shows is a slip lane disappearing off in the vague direction of the fields at Womblehill Farm! (*As a lover of the quality meat that John Dossett sells from Womblehill, I’m not sure about the beasts of Womblehill being disturbed by all that traffic through their fields!)

Broomhill Junction Kintore

I can’t see it being popular to force all northbound traffic for Kintore (including heavy vehicles for the business park) all the way out to the B994/B997 roundabout Gauchhill before doubling back into the town.

It would also seem to be a surefire way to upset those that the new junction is being built for. The plan is to develop a new retail park at Boghead, right beside the existing Broomhill roundabout. But if you are northbound you will have quite a detour to actually enter the retail park.

I suppose there is one silver lining. It might finally get rid of the lying road sign that still promises petrol in Kintore, years after out last filling station closed!
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