Kintore BT upgrade downgraded

In December last year BT made the announcement that “Kintore will be among 47 communities in Scotland to receive the new service that promises speeds up to 20Mbps”.

It certainly sounded good news and it was announced in a way that made it sound like the new service was going to deliver notably faster speeds for Kintore. “Up to 20mbps” sounded great in a town where there have been persistent complaints about slow connection speeds making use of websites like BBC iPlayer all but impossible at peak times.

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The excitement about the announcement died down pretty quickly when the truth was revealed that this was not the much-hyped BT Infinity, fibre-optic but just an upgrade of the old copper wire system.

Now BT is sending out emails to announce that the switchover is to take place on June 21 around 6pm. This will affect BT customers and those whose service providers use the BT network (which in Kintore, I believe, is virtually everyone). Both broadband and landline will be interrupted briefly before switching to the new service.

What is notable from the emails is all the hype has gone.

No longer are they trumpeting “faster broadband” or “up to 20Mbps”. Instead the email simply adds in brackets “It might make it a bit faster, too”!

So the big promises have been toned down and, instead, we are being sold the line that this will give us a ‘stronger, more reliable broadband connection”.

Although it is disappointing that the the claims of “up to 20Mbps” have disappeared, a “stronger, more reliable broadband connection” still suggests a better service.

Let’s wait and see whether it is actually delivered. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised.
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