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This is a copy of a report to Kintore and District Community Council on the proposed Gateway Kintore development beside the A96 Broomhill roundabout:

Planning proposals have been put forward by Halliday Fraser Munro for the provision of essential community facilities on the outskirts of Kintore, near Broomhill roundabout. They are shown on a Plan which will be available at the meeting. The facilities include a supermarket with fuel station, a hotel, restaurants, a playbarn and nursery facilities, a sports pavilion with courts and business accommodation.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest these types of community facilities would be welcomed by Kintore residents and there is potential to explore the depth of such support. Proposals relative to same are included in the last paragraph of this document.

Gateway Kintore

A further positive and crucially important feature of the proposals relate to changes to the layout of Broornhill roundabout, by retaining the existing access into Kintore and adding a link road into the proposed development. These costly alterations, to be paid for by the developers, present a far superior solution than the nonsensical proposal from the Council Planners to close the access into Kintore and divert Kintore bound traffic northwest and away from the town and towards the Gaughhill/Kemnay road, which would involve cutting a costly new road through animal habitats, adding millions of additional kilometres to car journeys every year, increasing our carbon footprint and incurring higher fuel costs for Kintore residents.

Regrettably however, there are significant impediments to the implementation of these desirable proposals and this revolves around the opinions of senior Council staff and the Reporter, who variously consider there is a sufficiency of employment land elsewhere, which leads to their assertion this 33 acre site is not required for such. A further disappointment is the fact the site was not included in the recently published Local Development Plan, despite numerous representations made during the consultation process that it should be. lt was clearly recognised by the Reporter and the Council as a future development site.

Gateway Kintore

The last thing Kintore needs in the foreseeable future is more houses, due to the lack of planning and educational provision before and during the last housing boom. For many residents (myself included), it appears that Council policy is to ensure Kintore remains the poor neighbour of lnverurie, in terms of new community facilities. An example of this is the plan to have yet another supermarket built in Inverurie, with no similar provision in Kintore, despite that fact that 950 houses have been built in each of the communities of Kintore and Inverurie since 2000.

This level of housebuilding has definitely not been matched by the provision of community facilities Within Kintore.

As is so often the case, decisions made relative to communities are made by people who do not reside there and it seems that Kintore’s woes over the past decade have largely stemmed from the fact that decision makers have consistently failed to appreciate and haven’t experienced the detrimental effect their decisions have had on the quality of life and recreational opportunities for Kintore residents.

If Kintore is to have any hope of avoiding further and continuing damage due to lack of planning and consideration of its community needs, it is clear that public pressure needs to be applied now, as a matter of urgency and prior to the forthcoming May local elections, when Councillors will be seeking to retain their jobs, While hopeful Councillors will be seeking election to these posts. 16 Garioch Councillors make Planning decisions which ultimately affect us all and their details can be found on the Aberdeenshire Council Website.

Members of Kintore Community Council should therefore urge residents to actively lobby their elected officials, ascertain Where they stand on this and other planning issues and exercise their democratic rights to elect them or otherwise at the May elections, based on their responses.

A self explanatory on-line Petition form could be drawn up, along with a message from the Community Council urging residents to consider adding their names to the Petition. If this Petition received significant support, it would send a message as to the strength of feeling within the community for the provision of the community facilities being offered by this planning proposal.

Kenny Thomson
Chair KDCC
19 March 2012
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