Kintore Summer Festival call to community groups

Calling all Kintore Local Community Groups - The Kintore Summer Festival Committee would like your community group to participate in the 2012 Summer Festival.

The following letter is addressed to community groups in Kintore:

Festival 2012 111130

29th November 2011

Kintore Local Committee Group Kintore
Kintore Summer Festival 2012

Dear Committee Member

On behalf of the “Kintore Summer Festival Committee”, we would like to take this opportunity to contact our local community contacts to advise you in advance, that the Summer Festival date for 2012 is:
Saturday 26th May

We look forward to your group’s participation in the festival and your continued support. To ensure there are a good variety of different activities on the day, please can you complete the tear of slip below and return to me by 31st December 2011. (If replying by email give the information as shown below.)

The committee will be holding a meeting towards the end of January 2012 where we will consider all applications. We will get back to you in February with confirmation of your groups activity on the day.

Please note – we have a Festival fund raising night organised on Friday 18th May, which we have inserted in the website, within the community calendar to try our best to avoid clashing with other community group nights out.

Again, thank you for your contribution in the past and we look forward to your group’s participation in another successful Summer Festival.

Yours sincerely

Julie Greig
Kintore Summer Festival Committee

In order for us to ensure there is a good variety of activities on the day, we welcome your feedback by completing the attached slip and returning to

If you are replying by email, copy and paste the text below and include your answers:

Group Name:

Taking Part in 2012 Kintore Summer Festival: Yes or No

Group Contact:

Group Telephone Contact no:

Group Address:

Group Mobile Contact no:

No of expected People participating on the day:

1st Preferred activity:

2nd Preferred activity:

3rd Preferred activity:

Remember to visit the Kintore Summer Festival page for news leading up to the event.

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