Shelterbox tent at School and in The Square

Kintore Rotary Club will be setting up a Shelterbox tent. Firstly, it will be in the foyer of Kintore School, on Monday, February 21 and Tuesday, February 22 to start Rotary's Thanks For Life week.

This will highlight the plight of others a lot less fortunate than we are and in particular focusses on the drive to eradicate the world of the crippling disease Polio.

Kintore Rotary Club

On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 23, the tent will be moved to the Square, outside the Town House.

To prove its value as emergency accommodation, four members of Kintore Rotary have volunteered to stay in the tent overnight, while it is in The Square.

Wednesday, February 23 is also a significant day in the Rotary calendar, as it is the anniversary of the birth of the Rotary organisation. In 1905 in Chicago, the first Rotary Club started.
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