Reopening Kintore Station Transport Minister to meet

Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson is to meet Dr Nanette Milne, Conservative MSP for the North East to discuss the possible re-opening of Kintore Station.

As we noted last year, the date given by NESTRANS for the re-opening of Kintore station was 2009.

“I welcome the agreement of the Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson MSP to meet with me and other local community representatives to try to get the reopening of Kintore station back on track,” Dr Milne said today.

“The experience across Scotland has been very positive where a local station has been reopened. The reopening of Kintore station would not only play a vital role in improving improved transport infrastructure in Aberdeenshire but also help to reduce our carbon footprint.

“I believe there is a significant business case for Kintore station to reopen which would provide positive economic benefits to Kintore and the surrounding communities. I hope that with cross-party support the SNP Government will give serious consideration to the reopening of Kintore station.”
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