Car thefts in KIntore

We received a message from a fellow resident of Kintore that there have been several cars and garages broken into in Kintore recently, as well as two cars stolen.

According to the message, this started on Saturday night, but he also reports another car was taken on Sunday night and another one broken into on Monday night.

car theft

Please make sure your cars and garages are locked and keep a watch for anything suspicious. If you do see something that raises your suspicions, call the police on 999 – or if you want to remain anonymous, call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

Also, with more frost and snow on the way, don’t be tempted to leave your car doors unlocked in case they freeze. And don’t walk away from your car leaving the engine running with the key in the ignition, to warm it up before setting off. That is just an open invitation! (Also as a colleague found out, some cars will re-lock themselves automatically with your key inside and the engine running!)
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