Sympathy for victim's families

When the news started to break yesterday afternoon that a helicopter, shuttling back from an offshore oil installation to Aberdeen, had ditched in the North Sea, we all held our collective breath.

We have been here before. Hoping and praying that the news of any offshore accident will confirm that there are no injuries or deaths. That is what happened just six weeks ago with the helicopter ditching near an installation on the ETAP field.

Sadly it was not to be this time and we now have the release of 15 of the 16 names of those who died in this tragedy. The reality of the tragedy behind each of these names is all too stark as we think of the families shattered by this news.

We can only hope that the knowledge that we are sharing some little bit of their grief will help to provide some small degree of comfort.

The tragedy has hit also hit very close to home, with the news that one of the victims – 41-year-old Leslie Taylor – came from Kintore.

We offer our deepest sympathies and condolences to all the families and recognise the professionalism of the dedicated teams involved in the search and rescue operation.
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