Beware callers about computers

In the space of a week I have had three scam phone calls from so-called technical people, who knew my name, and said they had detected a problem with my computer. With previous calls that makes five virus-scam attempts.

All the calls are overseas and, when you dial 1471 after the call, BT don’t have the caller’s number.

One caller called themselves “the technical department”. The most recent caller said they had detected an “urgent problem with my Windows”.

Apparently if you give them time (I didn’t) they will talk about the tests showing a problem with your computer. I believe they then try to get remote access to your computer (supposedly to diagnose the problem), or invite you to download software then they demand money for their efforts.

This, of course, gives them your payment details, plus they may well have installed spyware on your computer.

So, if you get a call about your computer from a person, or company, that you do not recognise, hang up immediately!

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