Looking forward to Festival

With just over a week to go it’s time to look forward to the Kintore Summer Festival, an event that proves to those who care to participate, that Kintore is indeed a community – not just a dormitory town for Aberdeen!

Not that they should need any convincing. This town is full of community spirit. Look at the Kintore Cook Book project. What a great community effort that was and for such a good cause.

Kintore Festival

It’s always been a great festival, but will this year’s live up to the “summer” in its name.

Had it been last weekend the answer would have been a resounding “yes”. For the whole weekend Kintore basked in sunshine and warmth. But this weekend looks likely to be unseasonally cool as I look out the window at sunshine and blustery showers.

However... the good news is that the Met Office reckon the weather should improve again by the festival. Yay!

Let’s hold the weathermen to that prospect.

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