Watch out for this scam when driving

We have received this report of an incident that happened in Aberdeenshire and are publishing it in the hope that it will encourage people to be on their guard for this scam.

Fiona Alderson who reported this, says you can see a report of the same type of scam, elsewhere in Scotland, on the Hamilton Advertiser website.

“This what happened to me on the B9022 road, heading towards Huntly between Gordon Country Kennels and Haddoch Farm.

“The car that stopped me was an older silver car and the gentleman who spoke with me sounds like the description given in the article of the Turkish man – as well as being clean shaven, swarthy appearance, smartly dressed and wearing a black leather jacket. The car seemed to have seen better days and had a dent in the drivers side.

“You might wonder why I stopped – the car was coming towards me, headlights flashing and hazard lights on, being driven very slowly and so my natural reaction was to slow down too, when the car stopped I stopped too. Initially I thought the driver was flagging me down to tell me about an accident up ahead and then when someone got out of the car I thought they were going to tell me that they were moving animals from one field to another – as is often the case in rural areas.

“The silver car then moved slowly off and stopped about 10 yards along and the swarthy man tried to thrust a handful of ‘gold’ jewellery in my hand – all the time telling me, in a heavily accented voice, that he had no money, little English, and 300 miles to go to meet up with his family. When I said I had no money and gave him the £1.50 I had in my purse, he tried to get me to take him to my bank! By this time I had had enough and this must have shown because he moved away and I drove off.

“I have reported it to Grampian Police. Grampian Police have fed the info out to their NE divisions and passed the info on to CID too.

“I have learnt a couple of lessons from this:

“I will now start driving with my door locked when I am alone in the car.

“I won’t be opening my window more than an inch if someone I don’t know comes to talk to me, and if I think something is up I will drive on to check it out before phoning the police if it is a genuine emergency!

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing – however we don’t expect things like this to happen around here in sleepy Aberdeenshire / Moray. Please be alert.”

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