"Highland Tiger" photographed again near Kintore

The so-called Highland Tiger, a rare Scottish Wildcat, has made another appearance on Hill of Balbithan just outside Kintore.

Yesterday’s sighting was on rough ground near the Kintore Golf Course.

Scottish Wildcat

Scottish Wildcat

Scottish Wildcat

It is likely to be the same wildcat as was seen and photographed in the same area in April. At the time wildcat experts said they were surprised to find a Scottish Wildcat in a location so far east of the Cairngorms.

The Scottish Wildcat is one of the rarest mammals in the UK, with estimates that less than 400 remain.

The most distinctive feature of the Scottish wildcat is the blunt, black-and-white striped tail, rather than the tapered tail of domestic cats. As the Highland Tiger website puts it:

“Scottish wildcats are the only surviving member of the cat family native to Britain. They look like an oversized muscular tabby but with a thick blunt tail and serious attitude!”

The biggest threat to the wildcat population is interbreeding with domestic cats.

Scottish Wildcat Association

Highland Tiger
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