What sort of village do we want in second decace?

We are about to launch ourselves into the second decade of the 21st century. (Well most of us are, there are those who say that the decade doesn’t start until 2011.)

So what do we want Kintore to be in this new decade? What developments do we want to see? How do we want Kintore to cater for its citizens?

The Town House should be shown off to its best effect with a small plaza instead of tatty tarmac on the forecourt. That’s currently the second most popular in the poll.

Yes, I know, ever since the old burgh council was disbanded, Kintore has really had to look to Aberdeenshire Council for most of its services and planning decisions. Of course that doesn’t mean we cannot influence where it is important. That is why Kintore & District Community Council is important to Kintore.

But what sort of village do we want to live in? At kintore.org.uk we decided to set people thinking about some of the suggested improvements for Kintore with a poll on the front page.

At the moment it shows that the overwhelming desire in Kintore is for a new supermarket with (at the time of writing 52% of the vote).

The desire to tidy up the forecourt of Kintore Town House – surely the most attractive and significant building in Kintore – to create a small plaza, comes second with 15% of the vote.

Then three suggestions are tied on 7%.

  • A place for young people – this is, of course, is under way with Action Kintore looking at a new youth café.
  • A bakery.
  • Better sports facilities.

One proposal that is already in the system is the idea of re-opening a railway station in Kintore. Unless they can finish it in the next 48 hours that is already behind schedule, because NESTRANS had it down for opening in 2009!

It would be popular if our politicians finally do manage to get it established, the poll on the front page of this site suggests it would be popular with 91% of people (at the time of writing) saying they would use it regularly or occasionally. Let’s hope that encourages the political will to ensure that proposed opening date is not missed yet again!

We mustn’t forget that one of the big desires has already been achieved with the opening of The Local Hub, our community café in The Square.
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