Action Kintore makes progress

At just over seven months on from the packed public meeting on March 9th our small but dedicated team of local people is working hard to make the community wish-list more of a reality.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Community Learning team ran an excellent ‘Day for Youth’ which provided taster sessions for a range of activities and provided the launch pad for the Kintore Youth Forum. The Youth Forum is firmly behind the proposal to set up a local Youth Café as soon as possible and has already planned a series of fundraising events and activities to support the project.

Action Kintore and the Community Council lobbied Aberdeenshire Council hard for the former Library site to become the site for a community youth facility and to the Council’s credit, they have recently agreed to support that. It is now all systems go to identify suitable premises and seek Planning Permission to have them located there.

Through the Community Council, Action Kintore has already successfully applied for £1000 to help start up community projects and is investigating other funding sources. The local Rotary Club is making a donation and Garioch Community Planning Group has also agreed to provide financial support.

However, in-kind support is just as important as hard cash, if not more so. Thanks to the meeting in March, we are not short of ideas but without more helpers from the local community, it will not be possible to deliver the activities that were identified as wanted in Kintore.

Some helpers have already signed up to run youth events, such as the ‘UTalk’ drop-in sessions whilst others have applied to become volunteer mini-bus drivers. Once they pass the test they will be able to provide transport for groups of young people to attend events outwith Kintore.

Much more is planned but the biggest need now is person power. We are not talking here of Committee membership, but simply a willingness to invest some of your time to support your community, so please do get in touch. Volunteers with funding expertise will be especially welcome.
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