Public meeting about future development in Kintore

As you are aware Kintore has expanded at an astonishing rate. The recent Capacity Study shows another potentially massive increase in housing development in Kintore over the next few years resulting in

  • further loss of green recreational space.
  • a reduction in children’s, youth and community facilities
  • more traffic problems
  • grossly inadequate school
  • further decline in the amenity and benefits we currently enjoy in Kintore.

FUTURE PLANS WILL AFFECT US ALL. The Council, through a Structure Plan consultation, needs to know your views now! Kintore Community Council has organised a

Public Meeting
Kintore School Gym
Tuesday 1st July 7.30pm

COME ALONG - JOIN THE DEBATE. MAKE YOUR VIEWS KNOWN! Contacts on 632668 and 632662
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