Good turnout for public meeting

Although a Public Meeting is not usually top of the list of Friday night entertainments, a meeting called by Action Kintore, on behalf of the Community Council, attracted nearly 200 Kintore residents to the hall in the Community School last week (March 9th). Young residents made up almost a quarter of the audience, and they were eager to share their views on the facilities and recreational activities they would like to have in the town.

Guest speakers at the meeting included Grampian Police Inspector Dave Allan and Kintore Community Police Office, Nicola Stewart. They were joined by Bruce Robertson, Director of Education and Recreation for Aberdeenshire Council, Ian Fowell, the Council’s Garioch Area Manager and members of the local Community Learning team.

One immediate outcome of the meeting is a fact-finding session, organised by Community by Learning, for younger residents at the Scout Hut on Sunday 18 March at 7pm. This is a workshop to generate ideas for new recreational facilities, where they would best be sited and how to carry the ideas forward. All interested Kintore young people aged 12 years and over are invited to attend.

At the start of the meeting everyone who attended was invited to record their views on Kintore, both good and bad, and to suggest improvements. The comments were collected at the meeting and will be made available on the local website at:

More than 50 members of the audience signed up to assist in the process of supporting young people in Kintore. Volunteers are still equired however, particularly those with a background in Health and Safety, Risk Assessments and skills in the preparation of Business Plans. Anyone who is able to help out should contact Kenny Thomson on 0783 5631341.

Speaking after the meeting, Community Council chairman Iain Blair thanked everyone for taking the time to attend. The meeting represented a ‘wake up’ call to Kintore residents, to address the needs and challenges of a community which has grown from village to small town size within the space of a few short years. The organisers are under no illusions as to the challenges ahead, but feel that a good and positive start has been made in getting everyone together to address the related issues of lack of recreational facilities and outbreaks of antisocial behaviour.

You can join in the discussion on the new Action Kintore forum on the Kintore Message Board.
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