Hatha Yoga classes start in Kintore

Hatha Yoga classes are starting in the Kintore Public Hall every Thursday at 7.30pm.

Where - Upper Hall, Kintore Public Hall, School Road, Kintore

When - every Thursday at 7.30pm

Why - because yoga is good for you

What to bring - a yoga / exercise mat, cushion and blanket

What to wear - loose, comfortable clothes

How much - £5.00 per class

Who is teacher – Gordon Edward (holder of Yoga Scotland Teaching Diploma)

How long does a class last - usually about 90 minutes

Need more information - phone Gordon at 01467-681525 (home pm) or mobile 07759050306 any time

Note – if you are concerned about any existing injuries or medical conditions, please consult your Doctor before attending any classes
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