Things I like/dislike about Kintore

people only about half that number of comments is listed here. Note also that some people posted conditional comments in this area eg. it used to be small, it had a village atmosphere, and I have put these at the end of the list.

• It’s a good place to live
• My neighbours are nice (several post-its with this comment)
• It’s friendly and rural
• Lovely place, friendly people
• I grew up in a village and would like my own family to experience a similar environment
• It’s close to the country
• It feels safer for children
• Not too busy, so it is quieter and safe
• I like living in Kintore – it feels safe
• Strong stable community, lots of things going on, good neighbours and friends
• It’s easy to know and get around
• It is rural and peaceful, and there are kids to play with
• My friends live here (several identical post-its with this on, from younger people probably)
• Easy distance from Aberdeenshire Council
• Convenient for working and shopping in Aberdeen
• There is a lively community if you get involved
• Very friendly, good community spirit
• Good community spirit away from city life
• Because you can get into the country quickly and there’s lots of parks
• Because of the village atmosphere and community, although people need to get involved in their community
• It was a small village where everyone knew each other and it was peaceful
• When I moved here it had a village atmosphere – this is changing

Things I dislike about Kintore

These comments were given on approx. 65-70 post-its – as some comments were made pretty much word for word by several people, fewer than that are listed

• Nothing to do (repeated on several messages)
• Police presence (did they mean lack of this?)
• Need sports centre
• Should make more use of the community school
• Lack of facilities for kids and adults, without driving to Inverurie or Aberdeen
• (several post-its with this message)
• Nothing for teenagers apart from the streets
• Not enough facilities for the size of the village
• New houses with no commitment from builders to put back into the community
• Village atmosphere ruined by development on an unacceptable scale
• Lack of open space
• Planners let us down – increased too quickly along with loss of pleasure park facilities
• Too many houses – lack of country
• Not enough local businesses – egs given no petrol station (x4), fruit and veg shop
• Hordes of badly behaved children should be at home
• Night sky ruined by light pollution from the school (2-3 similar comments)
• Lack of respect for anything or anyone
• Amount of litter (several post-its with this message)
• Vandalism (a few post-its with this message)
• Huge amount of broken glass, discarded beer cans and vodka bottles
• Intimidating groups of youths
• Social problems have increased hugely
• Lack of employment opportunities for young people
• New people do not wish to be part of Kintore

Things to change about Kintore

Didn’t manage such an extensive survey on the night as these comments were given on approx. 80 post-its. I think this picks up all the main themes, and again, several comments were given more than once.

• More play areas
• Balance of housing and facilities
• Gym
• Swimming pool
• Skate park
• Tennis courts (comment made that these were also used as a general rec. space as well)
• Make parents aware of children’s behaviour at evenings/weekends
• Interesting/stimulating activities and projects for children to get involved in/attend
• Better areas for informal games and exercise
• Café for teenagers/drop-in centre
• Extra nights for youth club – possibly in another venue
• Make more use of community school – eg Astroturf easier to book and available more often
• Behaviour of some people
• Stop building houses
• Traffic control
• More activities in which all the family can take part
• Befrienders for those whose parents cannot take part
• Open the railway station (x5)
• Somerfield!
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