Overwhelming welcome for Gateway Kintore proposal

The Gateway Kintore has received an overwhelming welcome in the first few days that that the Gateway Kintore petition has been online. These are some of the comments received so far.

"This is much needed in kintore. As the facilities we have is not enough for the increasing population."

“i was born and bred in kintore and i am the 3rd generation of my family, unfortunatly and with great sadness i had to move out of the area due to the lack of facilities for our growing young family, after long concideration we decided to move to westhill as there is far greater facilities to support my family , the gateway kintore should have been erected the same time as the new housing development at kintore, if it had my family would still be staying there"

Gateway Kintore

"We need the lot!!!!!!!!!!"

"I cant believe the council are planning so many housing plans without any consideration to the amenities. This would be great not only for Kintore but for all the small communities surrounding, The village in Blackburn has so many housing plans as well as Kintore where do all these people shop, Aberdeen or Inverurie!! That's how environmentally friendly our councils are."

"I have 2 children and there is nothing for them to do in Kintore and the supermarket would be great save taking the bus into inverurie twice a week as I don't drive. I hope this happens."

"Absolutely needed urgently now, Kintore is still growing and the factilities would be a fantastic benefit to all the community, young and old!"

"Great proposal, needs to happen and the sooner the better. A new Supermarket would bring the much needed competition to the two main ones in Inverurie as well as providing much needed services to those of Kintore. Access to Kintore from Aberdeen to remain from Broomhill is the most common sense and best option, I would not appreciate the added miles and fuel costs of the other option. All services listed are needed in this area and surrounding areas to improve choice to the communities."

"Kintore desperately needs these facilities. Approval for 950 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes should have included a provision for these facilities to support inflow of people to the area. The developers should have been made to contribute to this as a condition of being granted approval."

"What an excellant proposal and i lend my full support of this development. I take my elderly mother who stays in kintore for a weekly shop to inverurie or aberdeen because there are no facilities in kintore. With this new development my mother could easily access this location on her own and give her back her independance, and im sure she's not alone on this matter."


"Kintore is expanding rapidly and with talks of new primary and academy these facilities are in great need for the community.Thanks"

"this is a great idea for the community."

"Fab, needs to happen soon!"

"These facilities are badly needed for Kintore which has grown hugely over the last 12 years. The location for this proposal is ideal, not destroying the feel of the village yet adding greatly to its facilities and appeal for folk to live there."

"A lovely place to live, but severely lacking in things to do/eat etc"

"Kintore is woefully lacking in community facilities and I support this proposal 100%."

"The Gateway plans would not only serve the people of Kintore but also those of Kemnay and the surrounding farms and villages."

"Kintore would benefit from the investment of a supermarket and petrol filling station. Inverurie doesn't need another one and it's time Kintore had some services and facilities."

"This is urgently required."

"This is a fantastic opportunity for Kintore just what we need the town is crying out for new facilities."

"I support these plans as Kintore has become so big and yet doesn't have the amenities to match a growing population."

"Much needed facilities!"

"Kintore people need this now! How can you expand on housing but not on facilities that the residents would require? Not everyone drives so they can pop to Inverurie or Aberdeen to have these needs met, and the bus isn't the best solution. Come on, make Kintore a self sufficient place to live - a true locality for all!"

"Kintore needs something like this development badly and the Aberdeenshire councillors should be realising that."

"Much needed facilities! Hopefully this will come off sooner rather than later!"

"It would be brilliant for the area as there is not much in kintore and it is ever expanding!! Everyone has been talking about having something like this!"

"Hope it does not take to long!!!"

"kintore requires more shops as it has expanded alot over the years and there is not much selection,therefore people have to go to inverurie for shopping."

"I regularly visit a relative who stays in kintore and Have to travel to Inverurie for shops or filling station as there is no such facilities in Inverurie, I feel that gateway kintore is a great idea for the area!"

"This project is badly needed. The council have repeatedly shown an inability to plan for the needs and desires of the community which elected them. This has been repeatedly seen at many public meetings. They need to learn humility and to listen. Nanny doesn't always know best. Just look at their Kintore road ""upgrade"" plans - completely insane to all but the council."

“A growing community like Kintore deserves to have new and improved facilities as suggested in Gateway Kintore."

"This will directly affect my family and I. We use the broomhill roundabout 6 or 8 times daily to take our child to school. if the roundabout is removed we would not be able to access kintore as quickly as we currently do. We also are able to cross the road safer at the roundabout as cars tend to be a bit slower at the roundabout rather than try to cross at the bus stop where cars are doing 70+ miles per hour."

"Fantastic developement, long overdue!"

"long overdue especially petrol station and leisure facillities kintore will benefit from this in more ways than one think of the jobs it would create"

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