Kintore broadband reaches around half global average

So, after many phone calls and emails to BT, we finally seem to be seeing speeds return to where they were. But, it is galling that they are still barely half the global average.

What is so frustrating is that the cycle will probably now repeat itself – I complain to BT Broadband and after several weeks of taking speed tests things get better.

My fear now is that, in about six months time, our broadband will have slowed once again to about 200kbps and the whole cycle of contacting @BTCare will start all over again. This is so wasteful of my time and theirs.

It is particularly infuriating when @BTCare tell you that BT Wholesale will not accept there is any fault unless the speed falls below 600kbps.

That’s less than 8% of the headline speed they advertise!

slow broadband in Kintore
The graph from showing just how slow broadband in Kintore really is. The galling thing is that green line – it represents the global average (yes, average) and we are nowhere near it.

I remember being assured by someone from BT that ‘within four years’ Kintore would be upgraded to fibre-optic. Needless to say the four year ended without any improvement.

It’s a bit like the NESTRANS date for the reopening of a railway station in Kintore. That was due to happen by 2009!

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