Coldest for more than 100 years

We won’t tempt fate by suggesting that we have seen the last of it, but those who have endured November and December in – not just Kintore, but the whole of the UK – know that it has been a very severe winter.

Indeed 2010 goes into our own personal record books. Between the January 2010 snows and those in November and December, we have so far needed to snow plough our road as many times last year as we did in the entire 10 previous years living just outside Kintore.

Buzzard on fencepost

The extraordinarily severe weather is confirmed by official statistics which say that the weather so far has been the most severe for more than a hundred years.

This week, of course, has been different. The severest cold has been -4ºC at night (not at all unusual in a normal winter) and the sun has been shining almost all week.

To look out the window at the skeins of geese flying past the Mither Tap in a clear blue sky, butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth!
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