Kintore East expansion exhibition

There was no sign of apathy today (Saturday, February 12) at the Kintore Masterplan Public Exhibition in Kintore Public Hall. On show were plans by the Kintore Consortium to develop “Kintore East” with between 1,000 and 1,200 additional houses, a public park, sports fields, commercial developments and land for new schools.

The plans cover a large area of land east of the existing burgh of Kintore extending from the new business park on the south-west to extend eastwards along the railway line towards Aberdeen.

The main access point would be a new roundabout between the housing association development beside Donald Russell’s headquarters and the existing bungalows next to NECR. The area around this roundabout is designated, on the plans shown in the Town House, for commercial development.

CAPTION: The map panel at the public exhibition showing the commercial development area in blue on the left, the green area round Tuach Hill, the pink area for the school buildings (light blue) and the housing areas in dark red.

This road would then run in a loop through the new development, curving back to the south west where it would join the existing road through the Midmill and Craigearn Business Parks. There it would join the main road into Kintore, beside Sandy Thain’s.

The developers’ representative at the exhibition assured me that the roundabout would be redeveloped as part of the plan, bringing the Kemnay road into the same roundabout as the industrial park (which all logic suggests should have been done at the outset!).

At the North East corner of this new area of Kintore would be Tuach Hill and the plans show it as the centrepiece of an open area of parkland. However, there is an area designated for housing on the north slope of Tuach Hill and new football pitches nearby.

Near the centre, and contained within the loop road, is the land that the developers are proposing to provide for new school buildings. The plans also show a network of footpaths and cycleways and the housing would include various centres and courtyards, to give the new housing some elements of a traditional townscape.

There is no detail at all of how the infrastructure of Kintore will be developed to cope with the extra traffic.

In particular, the developer’s representative was only able to point to Transport Scotland’s proposals for changing the Broomhill roundabout to a hybrid junction that would prevent right turns into Kintore from the northbound carriageway of the A96.

Instead, Transport Scotland propose that northbound traffic for Kintore would be sent across prime agricultural land at Womblehill to enter Kintore at the B994/B997 roundabout near Gauchhill.

The plan to develop East Kintore makes this proposal even more crazy as all the additional traffic, when returning from Aberdeen, would have to head to Gauchhill and then turn back on itself to wend its way back to the East Kintore development.

The Kintore Consortium consists of Kirkwood Homes, Barratt and Malcolm Allan Housebuilders.

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