Waste gassification plan for former paper mill

Kirkwood Homes Investments held a public consultation in Kintore Public Hall yesterday, to show their plans for expansion of the commercial use on the former paper mill site north of Kintore. The site concerned is bounded on the east by the River Don and on the west by the Aberdeen to Inverness railway line.

The consultation was particularly geared to the proposal to extend the site northwards towards Inverurie.

Proposals for the site include an energy-from-waste plant. This plant would take waste, normally put to landfill, and use it to produce gas for generation of electricity. It is anticipated the plant could produce enough electricity to heat 5,000 homes.

Inevitably suggestions of a plant that will take waste and heat it to produce gas, brings concerns for people living near the plant. These concerns include offensive odours – something that is still etched it people’s minds after the issues with the Dundas Brothers rendering plant. The other concern is noise.

The company’s representatives at the public consultation include former Aberdeenshire Council official and now environmental consultant George Niblock. He pointed out that the plant would be designed to ensure there were no odour problems. The building, he assured me, would be under negative pressure and so any smells from the waste heating process would be contained within the building.

He supplied the following policy references:

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