Faster broadband for Kintore next summer

Kintore is to get a faster broadband service by summer 2012. BT has made the announcement that Kintore will be among 47 communities in Scotland to receive the new service that promises speeds up to 20Mbps.


According to the announcement, Kintore will be one of eight communities in this latest upgrade, which apparently allows faster speeds over existing copper wires.

“This news will be welcomed by North East communities who for too long have had to put up with a slow internet connection. It was unacceptable that so many people in the North East particularly in rural communities have to put up with either little or no access to a broadband connection and I am glad that BT have finally taken some action,” says Nanette Milne, an MSP for North East Scotland.

Given the way the last increase in speed – from 2MB to 8MB – has ultimately resulted in little or no speed increase at peak times in the evening, it remains to be seen whether this will actually solve the chronic peak time broadband speeds in Kintore, which have made it impossible for many households to use internet technology like BBC iPlayer.

BT say that about 72% of Scotland’s homes and businesses will have access to faster broadband by the summer of 2012.
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