Closer to you? Grampian Police survey

On April 1, last year, Grampian Police introduced a new community focussed policing model that provides dedicated Local Policing Teams (LPTs) to each of the 24 local policing areas across the three territorial divisions.

Each Local Policing Area is led by a Local Policing Inspector with LPTs who are empowered to work with partners to deal with local challenges, respond to incidents and deliver improved policing services.


In each Local Policing Area an approach of consulting, listening, responding and feeding back to the local community is being adopted to shape local policing priorities.

Communities are also advised of the standards of service they can expect in a renewed Communities Charter and supporting standards documentation.

The local policing model aims to build on existing practice and successful performance across the past five years.

One year on Grtampian Police would like to know your thoughts about the new model in terms of how successful we have been at meeting the elements of our Communities Charter. This will also provide the opportunity for you to highlight areas for improvement within your community.

Grampian Police want across our communities from both individuals and organisations/ groups.

Please complete the survey here. The closing date for this survey is Sunday 17 April.

If possible we would appreciate the return to be made via the electronic link in order to minimise our administration costs, as the information is input directly to the database. However, should there be any problem with this then please use the PDF version of the form that is available by contacting Grampian Police service centre on 0845 600 5 700.

Paper copies of the questionnaire can be returned to Development & Governance, Woodhill House.
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