Kintore's 'jewel' still looks sad and neglected

I made my usual trip into town to get the papers. No matter what the weather the sight of the Town House still lifts my heart. It really is a distinctive and historic centre piece for the Royal Burgh of Kintore.

But, considering its importance, it grieves me to see the state that it has been allowed to get into.

Kintore Town House
Kintore Town House: looks good from a distance, but don’t look too close!

The paintwork is long overdue a fresh coat of paint. The area around the Town House is a mish-mash of tatty tarmac punctuated by the occasional pile of discarded concrete breeze blocks and outcrop of weeds.

Often as not there’s a guddle of cars parked randomly on the tarmac or on the pavement, despite the chain over the drop kerb.

Even in these cost-conscious times, surely Aberdeenshire’s fastest-growing town deserves better?

A lick of paint would work wonders, along with a good tidy up of the forecourt.

As a short-term measure, how about some half barrels of flowers along the front of the forecourt – that would stop the rogue parking and give the place a well needed lift.

In days gone by the old Burgh Council in Kintore would never let the place get into the state it is today.

In all this, I should say that I constantly admire the floral planters in the wall along the main road. I believe they are maintained, for the community, by a volunteer. Thank you!

It would be nice to see Aberdeenshire Council taking pride in what is a magnificent 18th century centrepiece to Kintore.
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