Complaints continue of Hall Forest maintenance

The long running dispute between some Hall Forest residents and landscaping company Greenbelt took a more serious turn when the land maintenance company issued “red letter” warnings on July 20, 2009, referring to the use of debt collectors.

One of the residents to receive these letters (name and contact details supplied) contacted us. He claims the letters are “scare tactics”.

Photo taken mid August, showing what the objectors say is poor maintenance

“The letters are highly misleading about the court costs and credit rating,” he claims. “That would only happen if three things happened, first GB took you to court, second they won and third you failed to pay on a court order.”

We believe Greenbelt again sent out bills to Hall Forest residents on August 18. These were apparently normal, bills, not “red letter” ones, with charges to July 2010.


The Hall Forest resident who contacted says that this follow Malcolm Bruce MP having written to Green Belt expressing his opinion that it was unethical to charge for work that has not been carried out. Mr Middleton of Greenbelt subsequently visited the offices of Mr Bruce and MSP Alison McInnes.

Greenbelt Action Group ( says it is currently bringing two legal cases against Green Belt.

Alex Middleton, was reported in the Inverurie Herald on 21st November 2008 agreeing to provide written updates outlining the status of grounds maintenance at sites of concern, and explanations where maintenance has not been carried out satisfactorily and where maintenance has not been carried out satisfactorily.


Our resident claims to have written to GB several times asking for these written updates along with details of the contractor, times and locations of works carried out. He says he has had no reply.

He also claims that, along with other neighbours, he has sent Greenbelt they consider to be an acceptable fee for what they claim to be poor works, but these cheques have not been cashed.

  • We will be very happy to publish Greenbelt’s response to the complaint.
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