Planning application submitted for energy plant

Agile Energy has submitted a planning application to Aberdeenshire Council for an energy recovery facility at the old paper mill site at Thainstone. The plant would produce power and heat from the incineration of waste.

Agile Energy plant Kintore

This type of plant is necessary because of forthcoming legislation to stop dumping waste as landfill by 2025. The Agile Energy plant is designed to take up to 200,000 tonnes of waste that cannot be practically re-used or recycled.

Agile energy says the aim is “to capture and use as much waste heat and possible”. As well as producing electricity the plant will have the potential to supply heat to housing and local businesses “equivalent to the heating demand of 32,000 homes”.

Mixed residual waste would be delivered to the site, where it would be burnt in a furnace. The steam generated by the processionals would power a steam turbine to produce electricity. The company says the flue gasses would be cleaned, before being delivered to a heat recovery facility. The intention is that this heat would be used to supply local heating.

You can see the details of the application on the Aberdeenshire Council Planning website (if you have any issues the link go to the search page and enter APP/2020/1324). There you can view the documents relating to the application and you can also submit comments – either in support of the application or objecting to it – online. The closing date for comments is August 23.

For more about the plant and the process, you can view the exhibition panels, used for the recent consultation exercise at,
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