Third new defibrillator goes live in Kintore

Kintore and District Community Council has announced that the third of Kintore’s new life-saving public access defibrillators (PADs) has gone live. It joins the existing PADs in The Square, and new ones in Hallforest and behind the Co-op to bring the total of PADs in Kintore to four.

Kintore School PAD defibrillator
The new life-saving PAD defibrillator is accessible 24/7 to the right of Kintore Primary School main door

Despite the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus lockdown, the third of four defibrillators in the community council’s possession was successfully installed at Kintore Primary School yesterday. As a community we are extremely grateful to the person who anonymously donated the funds for a device to be installed in that particular location.

The community council has had to put plans for training sessions on hold during the current lockdown. However, there are guidance notes within the cabinet which is unlocked but alarmed. Also – as with all such automatic defibrillators – this PAD will talk you through the whole process of using the machine. It will also carry out the diagnosis and will only advise and administer a shock if the patient requires it.

To recap, four PAD defibrillators are now located:

  1. In The Square on the front of First Photographics
  2. On the fence at 41 Hallforest Avenue
  3. In the carpark of Co-op
  4. and at Kintore Primary School.

Please memorise these locations so you know where to go (or send someone) in an emergency.

The last one in this current community council programme will be installed at premises in Midmill when restrictions are lifted.

Attached is a photo of the device installed at the school. Also attached is an important reminder of the latest Coronavirus guidance on CPR, which was previously circulated.

Kenny Thomson, the community council’s treasurer who has led the defibrillator programme, said: “Our thanks to Alan Milne in particular for his help with this project as it could not have been completed without him. We are also grateful to those who are hosting these devices”.

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