Protecting Tuach Hill

Kintore and District Community Council has fought long and hard over the years to defend Tuach Hill from development.

This desire to defend Tuach Hill has been recognised by Aberdeenshire Council in successive vision statements for Kintore. The council recently stated:

“Encroachment on Tuach Hill from development and infrastructure is of concern to the local community and should be avoided at all costs to preserve this amenity.”

However the latest Aberdeenshire Council Local Development Plan designates a site (noted as OP5) on School Road – between the bungalows on the east side of School Road and Brae Crescent – as zoned for development. It is described as “previously protected land (part of P1) in the LDP 2017”.

Kintore LDP showing site OP5

The map above shows site OP5 in light blue, on the left of the divide

The community council’s concern is not only the loss of protection for this site, but that this would make it more likely that the access road for the Kintore East development would cut through previously protected land, from the OP5 site, to a new road bridge over the Tuach Burn and along the south bank of the burn to Kintore East.

This would be a major incursion into the protected area and would clearly have a huge impact on the area the community has fought so long to protect over the years.

Kintore and District Community Council has written to Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Planning and Environment to express its concerns. It has also asked for community council member Dr Paul Davison to be allowed to speak to the Garioch Area Committee meeting on April 21.
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