Community Council reaffirms opposition to Tuach development

At its meeting last week, Kintore and District Community Council reaffirmed its opposition encroachment into the protected area around Tuach Hill.

The community council fears that the identification of a development site, OP5, on School Road between the bungalows and Carnie Road, means that there will be a bid to make an access road across the protected land to a bridge over the Tuach Burn and along the banks of the burn to the proposed Kintore East housing development.

Defending Tuach Hill Kintore © 2017
Tuach Hill is an area protected from development. A much loved open space and source of Kintore’s name.

If the 1000-house Kintore East development is to go ahead, the community council believes that alternative access must be found. A previous proposed access for Kintore East had been to extend Carnie Road.

Over the years, Kintore and District Community Council has worked with its Aberdeenshire Council councillors to make it clear that there should be no development on Tuach Hill and that it should be protected as open space in the centre of Kintore.

As well as being vital open space,Tuach Hill is significant as the origin of our town’s name. Kintore (Ceann-an-Torr in Gaelic), “Ceann” means the head, or end. “Torr” means a hill. So Kintore is at the end of the hill (Tuach Hill).

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The community council is concerned that developers will try to “nibble away” at the protected area around Tuach Hill, giving rise to the nightmare scenario of houses being built on the open ground to the north, or even on the slopes of Tuach Hill itself.

  • The latest Aberdeenshire Council Local Development Plan designates a site (noted as OP5) on School Road – between the bungalows on the east side of School Road and Brae Crescent – as zoned for development. It is described as “previously protected land (part of P1) in the LDP 2017”.
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