600 people sign up to help Kintore Coronavirus response

Lend a Hand Kintore, Kintore and District Community Council, Kintore Parish Church and Kintore Community Church have been working on a response scheme to help with the Coronavirus Covid-19 emergency.

Lend a Hand Kintore Coronavirus Covid-19 response

It is nothing short of a amazing that we have almost 600 people (in a town of about 4,800) who have put their hand up to provide support for people in our community!
If you would like to join them please type "Lend a Hand Kintore" in the Facebook search and click the Join this Group button (or email lendahandkintore@gmail.com if you are not a Facebook member).

The aim of the group is to support people who are self-isolating and other vulnerable people in our community.

The telephone number as it appeared on some posters and cards is wrong. Please correct cards and posters to 07590 856444.

It may be by collecting and delivering things like groceries, or it may be by making a phone calls to check everything is OK... or just to have a chat to make sure people know they are not alone.

Please can everyone in Kintore check on neighbours, preferably by phone, email or electronic means. We need to look after each other in this current emergency. Make sure your neighbours are OK.

But, remember to follow all the precautions.
• Avoid close contact.
• Use a tissue if you cough or sneeze and bin it.
• Don't shake hands.
• Keep a distance of two metres (six feet).
• Don't touch your face.
• Wash your hands regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Keep a watch on the Lend a Hand Kintore Facebook group and the Kintore Facebook page for regular updates throughout this emergency. Note: If you are not a Facebook member note that you should still be able to see the Kintore Facebook page without joining.
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