Increasing life-saving defibrillator access in Kintore

Four years ago, Kintore and District Community Council installed the first Scottish Ambulance Service public access defibrillator (PAD) in The Square. It is accessible 24 hours every day on the front of First Photographics.

Defibrillator in The Square, Kintore

But there is only one such accessible defibrillator in a what is now Aberdeenshire’s tenth largest town, with a population of close on 5,000.

Time is of the essence in cases of cardiac arrest.

Getting the patient on an AED within four to five minutes is said to increase the chance of survival from just 6% to 74%. Try getting from parts of Kintore to the square and back within those crucial five minutes. Not possible.

Yes there are quite a number of other defibrillators in Kintore. But – as far as we are aware – all but the one in The Square are within premises and, therefore, not accessible out-of-hours.

These last two sentences sum up why we URGENTLY need to fund and locate defibrillators around Kintore.

Kintore and District Community Council has already stated its intention to fund two new defibrillators. But, we should surely be looking at four, or five more public-access defibrillators strategically placed around Kintore.

Initial thoughts on target areas are:

  • Kintore Primary School
  • Midmill
  • Northern Road
  • Halforest

We’d welcome any suggestions of locations where PADs could be installed – suitable well-located, well-lit buildings with a power supply.

Money is another issue. The PAD itself costs around £1,300. But there are additional costs for the weatherproof casing and installing a power supply.

Those of you who were in Kintore at the time the first PAD was installed, will remember the training that was hosted at The Bothie.

A PAD requires little experience to use it. The device will talk the user through the whole process and it will analyse the patient’s condition and will only deliver a shock if one is needed.

But, no matter how often you are told that, it is completely understandable that people have a fear of the unknown. A little bit of training can give you the confidence to save a life!

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