Action Kintore is now a SCIO

Say hello to Action Kintore SCIO! Action Kintore Ltd is now Action Kintore SCIO.

Action Kintore SCIO

Action Kintore, the Kintore community charity that set up and runs The Bothie and is looking to bring the Town House back into use for the benefit of the community, has changed its status to a SCIO. SCIO stands for "Scottish Charity Incorporated Organisation".

Previously a company limited by guarantee, the change to SCIO is an important milestone for the charity. SCIO is a legal status that has been specifically established to suit the Scottish voluntary sector.

People using Action Kintore facilities, such as the Bothie, or working with the charity will not see much change, other than the charity will be operated by trustees, rather than directors. But, the change should bring a number of benefits 'behind the scenes'.

You can support the continuing work of Action Kintore at
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