New Transport Minister urged go ahead with new Kintore station

Councillor Martin Ford, who represents the East Garioch ward that includes Kintore has urged the new Scottish Transport minister to give the green light to reopening a rail station in Kintore.

The re-opening of a rail station in Kintore has been planned for many years and featured in NESTRANS plans, with a proposed opening date of 2009.

"Increasing the proportion of journeys made by public transport is an essential step to reducing carbon dioxide emissions in line with climate change targets,” said the Scottish Green Party councillor. “Experience locally and elsewhere shows if rail services are improved, people will switch from other forms of transport and use the train instead.


"The frustrating thing is that it remains absurdly difficult to get support for new rail initiatives - despite the track-record of success for those projects that have gone ahead,” Martin Ford continues.

“The proposal for a dedicated service of local trains between Stonehaven and Inverurie with additional stations was first put forward by Grampian Regional Council about twenty years ago. Since then we have had countless technical studies and revisions to the scheme. The improved service between Aberdeen and Inverurie introduced in December 2008 was, effectively, a first step towards a better and more frequent local service. The service improvement introduced in 2008 has been a success - which must strengthen the case for further service enhancements.

"A new station at Kintore is the logical next step. It has been shown to be feasible. The evidence is that it would be well used. All we need, and all we have needed for some time, is a firm commitment from the Scottish Government to get a station built.”

At the same time, it would seem, someone needs to get a grip on the costs. As we have said here before, there is no way that the new station should cost as much as some of the estimates have suggested.

No wonder getting anything done in this country takes so long, when the cost estimates are so much higher than they really ought to be. Time for our politicians to examine why public projects end up with so many zeros on the end of the price?
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