Town House progress

Action Kintore, Kintore's community charity that runs The Bothie youth project, is continuing to progress its long-term plan to bring our magnificent 18th century Town House back into use for the community.

Kintore Town House

This was always going to be a project which would take time, as it is such a huge undertaking it has to be meticulously planned if it is ever to happen.

Meetings were recently held with the building's owner, Aberdeenshire Council, to progress matters and to carry out survey work.

Remember, you can support Action Kintore by donating at Action Kintore is Kintore's community charity, set up in 2009 for the benefit of the community. Its first initiative is The Bothie, which provides a place to meet and support for young people in and around Kintore. You can help the work of Action Kintore by contributing at
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