Roundabout proposed for Midmill junction

The latest in a series of proposals for the junction of the B977 and B994 Kemnay road has been submitted to Aberdeenshire Council’s Planning Department. The deadline for public comments is December 12.

This new proposal is to facilitate the construction of the Woodside Croft housing development. The design can be viewed on Aberdeenshire Council Planning Department’s website. Links time expire, so we cannot give you a link direct to the page. You will need to type (or cut-and-paste) APP/2019/2554 into the search box. To see the plan click on “Documents” then “Roundabout Layout” to see the roundabout plan. Click “Comments” to leave an objection, or a supportive comment. The closing date for these is December 12.

There have been a number of solutions proposed for this junction in recent years, including a scheme with traffic lights for the Midmill Business Park and the B994 Kemnay junction.

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This latest proposal is for the existing Midmill Business Park roundabout to be supplemented by the proposed new roundabout, in close proximity. The roundabout would have four “legs”:
  1. The B987 leading to the Broomhill roundabout on the A96.
  2. The B944 Kemnay road.
  3. A new road leadings into the Woodside Croft housing.
  4. The B987 continuing into Kintore.

At the Kintore and District Community Council meeting on November 19 a number of concerns were expressed about this latest plan.

  • There was concern at lack of evidence that the proposed roundabout, in combination with the Midmill Business Park roundabout, would have the capacity to cope with traffic and avoid the risk of tailbacks onto the A96 (as had been seen when there were temporary traffic lights nearby).
  • This concern was heightened by the concentration of housing development traffic on the roundabout, whereas previous proposals had two, or more access points, for the housing development, away from the main junction.
  • Two members of the public who attended the community council meeting expressed concern for children from the Ceann Torr housing, who would have to cross two legs of a roundabout to get to school.
  • They were also concerned that the roundabout would result in increasing speed of vehicles coming out of the roundabout and along the B994.
  • Further, they pointed out that the plans show the roundabout impinging on their land with an embankment.

To make an objection, or submit a comment in support of the plans, click on the “Comments” tab. The deadline for comments is Thursday, December 12.

The community council requested its planning officer to submit an objection to the current plans.
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