Aiming for more life-saving defibrillators

It is now four years since the Scottish Ambulance Service handed over the first public-accessible automatic defibrillator (AED) to Kintore and District Community Council, Since then, the device, installed on the front of First Photographic in The Square, has been available 24-hours a day to save lives.

But, time is of the essence when it comes to getting help to a victim. Every minute counts.

AED in The Square, Kintore

When cardiac arrest occurs, it is essential to start CPR within two minutes. Getting the patient on an AED within four to five minutes is said to increase the chance of survival from just 6% to 74%.

That is why Kintore and District Community Council is really keen to increase the availability of AEDs. The matter was raised by Glen Reid at the September community council meeting. In particular there is a real need to get publicly accessible AEDs in the north and south areas of Kintore, so that there is a chance of getting one to a cardiac arrest within that critical five-minute period.

The technology in AED’s is amazing. The AED talks the user through the whole process, assesses the patient and only administers a shock if one is actually needed. Watch the video below and see how easy it would be to potentially save a life, should you ever encounter someone who has suffered cardiac arrest.

There are defibrillators in a number of organisations in these areas. But cardiac arrests happen at all times, when these premises may well be closed.

Considering how invaluable defibrillators are it is amazing that an automatic defibrillator costs are between £1,000 and £1,300. Not a high price for potentially saving a life. So it should be possible for our community to fund and locate further AEDs around Kintore.

If you want to help save lives in Kintore find out how to use a defibrillator in the video linked below. Or, maybe you have premises on which you are willing to buy and mount a publicly-accessible defibrillator. Or, maybe you can help with technical advice, or fundraising. To get in touch email

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